Library Rules 

  • The library shall be open to the student/staff & faculty from 08.00 AM to 05.00 PM daily except Sundays and Holidays.
  • Please observe silence and maintain cleanliness in the library.
  • Entry to the library is restricted to the bonafide members of the library. Janitor is authorized to check the membership card at the entry point.
  • Keep your personal belongings such as books, bags, files, etc. outside the library. Only loose sheets of papers are allowed inside the library reading rooms.
  • Do not write damage or made any mark on any book in the library.
  • Issued books are not allowed inside the library.
  • Librarian has the right to recall any book from any member.
  • Librarians reserve the right to withdraw the library facilities from any member who violated the rules and regulation of the library.
  • Mobile phones are banned in library premises.
  Rules for Reference Section
  • Reference books will be issued on Saturdays with following terms & conditions.
  • Student has to give written request to library in advance.
  • Reference books will be issued only for Sundays / holidays.
  • Books will be issued after 3.00 PM and must be deposited with the library by 9.00 AM on the next working day.
  • If failed to do so, overdue charges will be charged as Rs.100/- (one hundred) per day.
  • In case, the book is lost or damaged by the reader, double the latest cost of the book will be charged.
  • If the book is not returned within seven days, then the double of the latest cost of the book and overdue fine of  Rs.700/- will be charged. 
  Library Membership

  • Library Membership: will be only given on the basis of producing your respective smart ID Card.
  • Issue Period: of the books will now be for the period of 30 Days only.
  • Number of  books: issued to faculty members shall be 06 books maxium. Other staff members can issue 02 books maxium
  • Overdue fine: of Rs. 01 per book per day will be charged if he/she fails to deposite the book by the due date
  • Book lost or mutilated: shall be either replaced with the same edition in good condition or compensated be paying the latest cost known to library by your good self.

Fine Charges


  • If book is not returned after loan period, overdue charges of 1 Rupee per day per book will be charged from the defaulter.
  • A damaged, mutilated or spoiled book is either replace or pay the cost.
  • In case book is lost than user have to pay cost of book and overdue fine if any.
  • If user damage any library property than user will have to pay for the same as per college rules. 


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Library Timings

Days Timings
8.00 A.M. to 4.00 P.M
Circulation Hours
8.15 A.M. to 3.40 P.M.

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