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Poornima College of Engineering at Jaipur one of the best library systems in the Rajasthan region with active relations with all other major Engineering Colleges libraries. It is a fully automated library. The Central library is the most resourceful information centre in the field of engineering education. The library at PCE has the largest collection of books, scientific journals, monthly periodicals, institute memberships and other related materials in the field of Engineering.


It has a collection of over 50439 volumes with about 7489 plus distinct titles. It subscribes to about 110 National and International printed periodicals. PCE library also has a vast collection of fiction, biographies and spiritual Books. Library also has a sizable collection of CDs/DVDs and videos related to engineering education.

As the role of the library within any academic Institution can be realized only in the context of the Institution’s philosophy of education, the basic objectives of the library are as follows :To develop appropriate collections in various disciplines of Engineering for satisfying the needs of the students, faculty members and researchers.


To provide reading, lending, reference information and documentation facilities to all categories of staff and students. To develop a special collection of scientific journals, periodicals and magazines in the library.


To provide documentation and comprehensive reference information services in areas related to engineering education in the world and in India in particular.

The library of PCE is a vast reservoir of knowledge contained in the astonishing number of books which is well organized as well as bar-coded for the comfort of the librarian, students and faculty members. The KOHA software package is used in the library of PCE for supporting all the in-house operations of PCE. It is well connected with the other AICTE approved Institutions, located all over India, through DELNET for resource sharing. E-publications (books, journals etc. can also be accessed through DELNET) by all users of the PGC library. The smart Campus consists of modules on acquisition, cataloguing, circulation, serials, article indexing and OPAC. 16 CCTV cameras are installed for security purposes.


The Central library is housed in an independent, two-storied building with an area of 1370 sqm.


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Our users can make use of library resources from anywhere using the Internet facility. OPAC terminals have been installed in the library for self-learning of students. Library patrons can access the library Web-OPAC from anywhere in the world. PCE library has also an enriched Digital Library built on KOHA Digital Library Software platform.

Online public Access Catalogue (OPAC) is helpful in locating a book in the library. One can search books by author, title, subject wise through OPAC. Library books are classified by using a standard library classification scheme named Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) scheme and all books are arranged subject wise in the rack.

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